Administrative Searches
Superintendent, Principal, Other
School District Consulting
Leadership training, on-site strategic team development, board direction, in-service programing

  • Superintendent Searches
  • Principal Searches
  • Brochure development, distribution
  • State, national distribution:  Mail and electronic
  • Committee development if needed
  • Question/Answer portfolio
  • Stakeholder interviews: Rubric Scoring
  • Additional services as needed
  • Competitive rates
  • Search developed by expert consultant: Twenty-three years as practicing superintendent.
  • Seminars for leadership teams:  Boards, Cabinets, superintendents, support organizations
  • Strategic planning options that include flex-link plans, district data review, classroom implementation
  • "Stick in the Sand" two day seminar on leadership.
  • On-going consulting with districts
  • Advocate as needed
Individual and Group Advocacy
Consulting, non-legal advise, research,
Your voice!
  • .Conduct research for parents, community groups, boards, stakeholder groups
  • Speak for groups with respect to findings of research, points of fact and positional presentations.
  • Provide expert ideas and path-appropriate resolve for issues and concerns
Our company is dedicated to expert, professional and directed educational consulting.  We will conduct school board administrative searches, leadership training and on-site consulting. We also can be your voice for points, research and issues. Our rates are reasonable, and our service provides educational direction through dedicated leadership.

..C. Stephen Oborn, Ph.D., Owner

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