“A commensurate professional who possesses a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to educational excellence.  Dr. Oborn is one of the best communicators I have ever known.  His help and direction have been invaluable.  He is an excellent consultant."

J. Lee Walters, Retired Assistant Superintendent

(Left to right)  Stephanie, daughter; Mason, grandson; Dr. Oborn
." I am very cognizant of the fact that during Dr. Oborn's tenure as RULH Superintendent his research was a key component of the district's efforts as he led his leadership team in working with a student population that was, without question, the most diverse in the county in terms of multi-cultural, poverty, etc."

Mr. Jeffrey Royalty, Superintendent
"  I find Dr. C. Stephen Oborn to be one of the most interesting, engaging and motivational professionals that I have had the privilege of knowing."
Richard J. Klinker, USMC-LtCol. (Retired)
Senior Marine Instructor, USMC JROTC
Colonel Klinker and Dr. Oborn
" Dad is great!  He has dedicated his life to education and the purity of knowledge and research."
Stephanie, Daughter
Teachers:  We are the Caretakers of the Mind!
"  Dr. Oborn speaks for my feelings and emotions.  He helped me when no one else would.  His intervention and consulting helped me solve problems that otherwise would not have been possible.  He is an excellent consultant."

Client, Teacher Assistant, 2009
Kelly Oborn
"  My husband is incredible.  Just ask him!?  However, he is an incredible study in the simplicity of leadership-and how it works. I have been a teacher for 29 years, and I have seen his magic work."
Kelly Oborn, M.Ed.
"..His commitment to the intellectual life of his teachers has been uncommon and productive...The superintendency has largely become an anti intellectual enterprise.  Dr. Oborn is so refreshing in that he knows very well all facets of the practical aspects of administration, and he couples that knowledge with attention to the intellectual life.  It is difficult to find a practitioner who wants to live the life of the mind, write, and apply knowledge to the field. In this regard, he is the most outstanding professional I have ever Known."
Ellis A. Joseph, Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus and
Distinguished Service Professor            .
School of Education
The University of Dayton